Discuss the nationalism ideas in China and India

Discuss the nationalism ideas in China and India

In what ways did WWI and WWII kindle forces of nationalism in China and India?

Response 2 Prompt

In what ways did WWI and WWII kindle forces of nationalism in China and India?

  • Identify what you see as three significant historical moments of national awakening in both countries spanning the periods of WWI and WWII (You may choose one for China and two for India, or vice versa).
  • Elaborate on the characteristics and developments underlying the nature of the respective nationalisms in each country.In other words, what do you see as the similarities and differences in the historical patterns in China and India (include at least one similarity and one difference)


Your paper should be three double-spaced pages in length and paginated, with a 12pt font and one-inch margins and a separate title page that should not be part of the page count.Papers shorter or longer than three pages will result in a loss of points.

Information and analysis based on class readings should figure prominently in your response.

Citations (students are free to use any citation format with which they are familiar—Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.) are only required if there are direct quotations used from the readings or if the student is using proprietary ideas that need attribution—such as, for instance, the concept of “post-imperial ideology” from the assigned reading from Manjari Chatterjee Miller (February 13—see below).Quotations should not be overused, and if longer than two lines each, should be indented and single-spaced.Citations whether for attributed ideas or for quotations should be provided as end notes and will not count toward the minimum page limit.To repeat—the title page and citations page will not count toward the three-page limit for the response papers.

China and India have histories that sometimes run parallel and sometimes intersect.The task for students in writing these response papers is to write analytically on a theme(s) of interest (within the ambit of the prompt) that is/are developed in each paper.A good analytical paper does not merely paraphrase information from the readings or provide a rote historical chronology of events but engages with the material by asking “why” questions and developing thoughtful responses to these questions.

I attached all the links and documents you need as resources for my paper. Please cite only from the resource I give you

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nationalism ideas in China and India

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