Discuss the Biological basis of behavior: Sensation and perception

Discuss the Biological basis of behavior: Sensation and perception


Read the topics in module 2: (Biological basis of behavior: Sensation and perception). Then perform the activity below, answering in paragraphs of 6 and 8 sentences, as required by the question. You must include the references. It is important that they read the material to answer the questions. If they use any additional information they should include citations and corresponding references. Always paraphrase to avoid falling into plagiarism.

  1. Explain the importance of the case of Phineas Gage in the study of the biological basis of behavior and search the internet for at least 1 similar case and explain it (you must include the reference).
  2. Explain the importance of knowing about brain damage and its effects on psychological functioning.
  3. It analyzes the importance of the limbic system in the emotional behavior of human beings.
  4. Explain what you think is the biggest influence on personality development, heredity, or the environment. He offers an example.
  5. It explains the difference between the processes of sensation and perception and the importance of these for the human being.

Requirements: 1 or 2 pg

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