Discuss the benefits that international students studying in the US gain apart from education.

Discuss the benefits that international students studying in the US gain apart from education.

Researched Argument Assignment

Please write an eight to nine page persuasive essay based off of a topic from the approved subject area list. Your ultimate goal is to convince your audience to adopt your position, and, consequently, you must take a definitive stance, though you should not discount the possible limitations of your position. To establish the credibility of your position, your argument should proceed from the synthesis of scholarship you have uncovered during your research process.

You must:

Incorporate material from at least six, but no more than eight, sources, and two-thirds of your source material must be scholarly articles. The credibility of your source material will be assessed, so be sure to carefully critique the works.
Correctly frame, incorporate, and cite quotations.
Cite paraphrased material.
Another way to establish your credibility is to objectively and accurately present the complexities of the counterarguments. Be sure to clarify that the positions you are presenting are counter to yours, and to systematically refute the claims.

Your essay must also include:

An introduction with general information about your topic, the different aspects of the issue, and a thesis statement directly stating the position you will argue and why.
The history, context, explanation, and significance of this topic.
A conclusion restating the main points of your essay, and also possibly proposing possibilities for future policy.
The essay must be typed, double-spaced, with Times New Roman 12-point font, page numbers, and one-inch margins on all sides. Format according to MLA standards, including a left margin heading, give the essay an appropriate title, and include a Works Cited page, which does not count towards the assignment’s page requirement

word limit: 2500