Discuss healthcare epidemiology

Discuss healthcare epidemiology

Discuss healthcare epidemiology putting in to consideration the following outcomes

1. Apply common epidemiological concepts including incidence and prevalence of disease, mortality and survival and age standardization
2. Recognize the role of exposure to biological,behavioral, social and environmental risks in disease patterns
3. Differentiate between different types of research designs, including observation and experimental and mixed methods designs
4. Assess levels of evidence and make recommendations
5. Interpret data arising from surveillance and research studies, including rates and ratios on healthcare epidemiology
6. Understand the difference between association and causation, statistical and public health significance
7. Analyse the role of healthcare epidemiology in screening and prevention programs, and assess the sensitivity and specificity of programs
8. Critically evaluate epidemiological studies, including potential for bias, confounding and chance errors
9. Identify key health indicators and sources of data


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HEALTHCARE Epidemiology.