Describe and discuss the four different thrusts of student movement

Describe and discuss the four different thrusts of student movement

1. According to the author (M. Karenga) the “Student Movement expressed itself in four different thrusts …” Describe and discuss the four different           thrusts?
2. Citing some social concerns, the author (M. Karenga), presents some basic academic and social objectives that were important to advocates of Black studies. Please list and discuss these basic objectives.
3. Discuss the nature of slavery in West Africa before the beginning of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
a. How important was slavery to African society and to the African economy?
b. What roles did slaves serve in African societies?
c. How did slavery in West Africa compare with contemporaneous systems of coercive labor in Europe?

4. Discuss how African slavery developed in the Americas.
a. What other labor systems were attempted before African slavery took root?
b. Why did these systems fail?
c. What made African slavery such a successful system for European colonists?
5. Discuss colonial unrest in Virginia (1676), New York (1712 and 1741), and Massachusetts (1723).
a. What factors brought about these disturbances and what effects did these disturbances have on the colonies in which they occurred?
b. What do these disturbances reveal about colonial society in North America?
c. Was race or class more significant in explaining these disturbances?


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