Use a presentation to explain diabetes and the endocrine system

Use a presentation to explain diabetes and the endocrine system

Diabetes and the Endocrine System

Describe the organ system and the associated aspect chosen: make sure to explain the organ system structure and function AND then the aspect
Define homeostasis and then explain how it is affected
If you are doing a Disorder:
What are the symptoms and treatments
If you are not doing a disorder:
How does this change the physiology of the body
What is the typical distribution for the aspect you are researching: ie. Seen worldwide, more common amongst children,…
Topic and Outline turned in on time

question and answer segment will be held at the end of each presentation.
The following are the required elements:
1. Title
2. Authors: list your names alphabetically
3. Describe the organ system and associated aspect
4. How does this affect homeostasis of the system. Make sure you explain what homeostasis is and typical homeostasis of the organ    system you are          discussing when discussing the changes in homeostasis.

5. Cover one of the following
o Disorder Symptoms and Treatment: Describe symptoms and treatments
o Physiology of Body: How does aspect change physiology of the body?
6. Distribution: describe the typical distribution


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