Discuss diabetes and the Australian health care system

Discuss diabetes and the Australian health care system

Choose one of the following health care issues: Obesity; age/dementia, mental health; diabetes. Read up on these Australian National Health Care Priorities.

1. Write an introduction for your essay. To prepare your introduction undertake research by following this link to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare to get a beginning understanding of the topic chosen. Undertake further research by accessing the QUT Library Catalogue. Based on your reading and research write an introduction overviewing the health issue you have chosen. You will briefly describe:

The issue and the proportion of the population affected • Whether it affects some parts of the population more than others [e.g. based on age, gender, cultural identity]

• Whether the issue is more prevalent in some locations compared to others. Finish with a sentence overviewing the rest of the essay.  It is well known that poverty is an important social determinant of health [i.e. historical, social and political factors impacting on health]. Undertake research using the QUT library catalogue on the relationship between poverty and the health issue you have chosen and describe & discuss how poverty impacts on it.

Nursing in Australia is underpinned by cultural safety and person-centred care [CS & PCC] as in the Code of conduct for nurses [NMBA 2018), the Registered Nurses Standards for Practice (NMBA 2016) & Code of Ethics (ICN 2012). Consider the health issue in terms of consumer experiences of discrimination in health care. Undertake research using the following search strategy [use the one related to the health issue you chose above] using the QUT Library catalogue Quick Search Age + discrimination + health + care Mental + discrimination + health + care Obesity + discrimination + health + care Diabetes + discrimination + health + care To make your essay stand out from everyone else’s don’t ? just use the first items you come across. Based on your findings write an analysis of how this information fits and/or does not fit with the following three [3] items: ? Code of conduct for nurses [NMBA 2018) ? Standards for practice of nurses (NMBA 2016) ? The Code of Ethics (ICN 2012).

Relevant aspects of all these 3 [three] documents need to be included in your answer.Health promotion & disease prevention; primary care & community services; secondary & tertiary services; long- term & continuing care) available for people with the issue you have chosen. Briefly describe two [2] models which your research suggests predominate in the Australian HCS for the issue you have chosen.

Write an analysis of the values/principles underlying the models you have chosen. You MUST draw on and refer to Principles for Australia’s Health System and complete further research to answer this question. Your analysis must discuss how the values & principles underlying the Australian health care system either support or could present barriers to CS & PCC in nursing practice. You MUST refer to the principles of cultural safety and of person-centred care covered in this unit’s lectures, tutorials and readings. Write a conclusion which recommends your ideal changes to the health care system to better meet the needs and expectations of consumers living with the issue you have chosen to focus on.


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Diabetes and the Australian Health Care System