Develop Capstone idea contributing to UAS.

Develop Capstone idea contributing to UAS.

Outcome 1 – Analyze the fundamentals of unmanned systems, including the technological, social, environmental, and political aspects of the system to examine, compare, analyze and recommend conclusions.

Outcome 2 – Compare and contrast current unmanned system issues, identify contributing factors, and formulate strategies to address or further investigate

Outcome 3 – Evaluate and recommend the incorporation of new technologies, methods, processes, or concepts with current unmanned system applications, management practices, or operational policies.

Outcome 4 – Critically justify and validate unmanned system design configurations to support safe, efficient, and effective operations in applicable domains (air, space, ground, and maritime), including assessing the appropriateness of major elemental components; evaluating limitations and constraints; formulating a theory of operation; and supporting perceived need.

Outcome 5 – Effectively communicate concepts, designs, theories, and supporting material with others in the unmanned systems field.

Outcome 6 – Investigate a current unmanned systems research problem; complete a thorough review of the scholarly literature; formulate hypotheses; collect and appropriately analyze data; and, interpret and report research findings to improve the field of unmanned systems or to provide solutions to an unmanned systems application problem


this idea needs to be researchable, measurable, preferably with small UAS, (sUAS)

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