Describe The Person as Producer and Consumer

Describe The Person as Producer and Consumer

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Describe The Person as Producer and Consumer.From the ancients like Aristotle to moderns like Marx, regardless of their own philosophical commitments, there is a continual theme that humans are animals that make and consume things. In order to survive we must consume. And in order to consume, we must produce food, shelter, and technology. But are there limits on what can or should be consumed? Likewise, are there limits on the ways in which things should be produced? And finally, what is the relationship among economics, politics, and ethics?

Consider the following questions for discussion:

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List the question then the Answer: (give examples for each question answered).

  • Read and Smith see capitalism as a well-oiled but amoral system. Marx, Pope Leo XIII, and Hart see it as having moral implications and needing to be regulated by moral principles. Who do you think is right and why?
  • Do you think contemporary society is too pre-occupied with seeing people as “consumers?”  How might a perspective that emphasizes cura personalisand magis approach issues of economic injustice?
  • Do you think work can become too all-consuming? How much of our lives do we spend in “being productive? “What is the appropriate role of work in a well-ordered life?
  • Do you think economic systems are fairly arranged? That is, are people paid fairly in proportion to what they are worth or with regard to the value of their work? If not, why do you think that is – and what would be a solution?


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The Person as Producer and Consumer