Describe the how sex education is handled in families

Describe the how sex education is handled in families

Describe the how sex education is handled in families.The paper should he based on a 37 year old Jehovah witness who was born in africa and moved to america baout 6 years ago. I now have two children and a wife.
Module 4 Case Assignment
This case assignment is separated into two important parts. The first half will give you an opportunity to explore further your sexual beliefs
and how you anticipate how they will affect your work with your clients. Because you are studying to be marriage and family
therapists, it will be important for you to understand yourself and your own values on sexuality. This reflection is important to know what you
bring into the room with clients, since it is a myth to believe you can erase your experiences, belief, and values when you walk into a
therapy room. In week one, discussion two, I had you discuss briefly  your perspectives on how your religious or cultural upbringing and
beliefs have impacted your current or future sexual and marital  choices. So for the first half of the paper, I want to expand this question by asking you to discuss the questions below.

For the second half of the paper, based on this self-exploration, how do you imagine how your values, experiences, and beliefs will impact
your work with your clients? Using the MFT Models chart, chose one or two of the models that fit your worldview and you could use as a framework that also matches your experiences and values. How does the model you chose address the role of the therapist and how does that fit your views? How does the model view relationships and how you will address the content that a couple brings into therapy, including sex? Please be introspective and discuss in detail how your early upbringing has formed your ideas of sexuality and your future work with your clients. Write as much as you can to the degree you feel comfortable.

1) When did you first become aware of sex? Was this a positive or negative experience? Please explain.
2) How was sexuality handled in your family of origin? For example was it explicitly discussed, made fun of or not talked about at all. Give examples from your early upbringing. How has this affected you?
3) How was the expression of affection expressed in your family of 1 / 3  origin? How has that influenced how you express affection in relationships?
4) How did you personally handle the idea of sexuality as a teen? Give examples.
5) How were you affected by your friends and their ideas about sex? Give examples.
6) How has your religious upbringing influenced how you think about sex?
7) How has your cultural upbringing influenced how you think about sex?
8) How has your gender affected how you think about sex?
9) Any observations or influences regarding same-sex relationships?
10) What other influences did you have as you were growing up that influenced how you presently think about sex?


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describe how sex education is handled in families