Describe the financial markets in Saudi Arabia.

Describe the financial markets in Saudi Arabia.

The primary stock markets in Saudi Arabia.

Your report is expected to be between 7 to maximum 10 typed pages written in a scientific way. At minimum, it should include the following:

  • Table of Content.
  • Literature Review about the subject.
  • Data Source and Methodology.
  • Results and Conclusions.
  • References.

Guidelines :

– should determine how to approach the specific of the analysis. . The use of references is a must.

– Do not do financial ratios, no need for financial comparison

– Detail the data source in what since, who are the key players.

– Primary stock market where securities are created, so the research should be on this topic

– Decribe regulator roles for primary and secondary markets.

– who are the key player as underwriters in this primary market, such as advisory and accounting firms in addition to investment banks

– what is the process of underwriting ? how many firms involved or authorized to do it-

– Detail your methodolgy : the development of primary market in KSA using statiscal model.

I am an MBA student who study in night and have daily job in the morning, so maybe if its addreesed using scintfic way is better

BTW, it would be better if you use examples, Such as ARAMCO IPO and diferent IPOs

you can find online through


All companies listed there you can select any of them

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