Describe the Chipotle food safety

Describe the Chipotle food safety

Describe the Chipotle food safety.You are asked to browse and read 1) Chipotle outbreak case study (note: you can find this article from online activity folder), and 2)browse/review Chipotle’s website regarding Food Safety link –

Please browse one additional online article regarding Chipotle foodborne illness outbreak (published in 2017 and 2018)


  1. Some critics argue that Chipotle was more vulnerable to foodborne illness outbreaks because of its fresh food emphasis. Browse the Chipotle website and online articles of your selection.   According to the article(s) you reviewed, what  aspects make Chipotle more vulnerable to foodborne illness outbreaks, compared to other restaurants? (note: certainly you can share your own opinion, but it is important for you to support your opinion based on the case study and/or additional online article).
  2. Chipotle changed some of its cooking methods and procedures(you can find detailed information from What disadvantages and advantages arise from such a decision for Chipotle?  Personally, do you feel that Chipotle made a good decision to make these changes? Why or why not?  In other words, what would be your recommendations to Chipotle’s top leadership/management team if there are better methods/strategies?
  3. Review new food safety practices and procedures implemented by Chipotle in the wake of foodborne illness outbreaks ( . What particular aspects do you wish to benchmark for the future in companies you desire to work, or applied to your current working environment? Or which practices may not be feasible or may be unrealistic in other foodservice operations?
  4. You are asked to read the Chipotle case study, and look up at the least oneadditional online articles regarding a chipotle restaurant and its related food safety issues.  Brieflysummarize three lessons that you learned from these articles.  Please include citation(s) at the end of your responses.
  5. How often have you gone to the Chipotle for last two months? _______ / last two months ?


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