Describe Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills (IMB) model

Describe Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills (IMB) model

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Health Communication Assignments – Read the IMB and Theory of Planned Behavior

1. Describe the IMB model. Make sure to summarize each major component.

2. You are working on a health intervention to promote smoking cessation among college students. The health initiative is guided by the IMB model of behavior. What information should the intervention include? What strategies could the intervention use to motivate students to quit smoking? What are some barriers to quitting that students may encounter? What information could you give students to demonstrate that they have the
behavioral skills necessary to quit?

Read the article Are Genetic Testing Sites the New Social Network?

1. What are your thoughts on the article? Would you use these sites? Why or why not?

2. What do you find most intriguing about this type of technology?


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