Describe Information flow in healthcare

Describe Information flow in healthcare

Information flow in a healthcare system is extremely important. Technology has been used to develop systems that are more efficient. But as with any electronic system, while there is an upside, there is also a potential downside.

From a financial health perspective, Address the following requirements:

– Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of using such systems in Saudi Arabia on:

–Healthcare administrators or healthcare organizations



– Provide examples of where these disadvantages have created problems in Saudi Arabia or globally.

– In the conclusion part, write your opinion if you, as a Saudi healthcare manager, agree with using an electronic system and why?

Be sure to:

–support your statements with logic and argument.

–Cite all sources referenced with at least 3 peer-reviewed articles In-text citation after each sentence or information

–Use APA style.

–Use heading such as introduction and conclusion.

Requirements: 1 page.

Answer preview:

word limit:360