Database of Potential Employers

Assignment Level:Masters in international tourism and hotel management subject Tourism and hotel professional development Order Topic:          its a portfolio assessment two but i need only data base of potential employers it is in appendix A assessment two report actually i failed in this unit only due to one mark so request to my course coordinator about reconsideration of my grades. grades remain same but she gave me an oppoturnity to submit a little part of assessment two because i didnt submit it during the session its just a little part of that assessment DATA BASE OF POTENTIAL EMPLOYER its very tricky butt very important as well if pass in it its mean i pass the if i fail then fail the unit and also there is no word count for it and its due date is sunday 19/11/17 5pm australian standard time Instruction:

please refer to the UNIT INFORMATION GUIDE a perfect DATABASE OF EMPLOYER as per assessment 2 there is no word count you need to include the details for each role /organisation then 1-2 paragraph on the overview and area of interest etc.

Please prefer to choose the employers from Australia especially those chains or businesses which is on the gold coast


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