Explain how to prevent data loss.

Explain how to prevent data loss.

K-Coder is a global organization that has over 50 location in over 30 countries and support 10,000 mobile devices. It has two data centers, North America and Europe. The company has Active Directory on-premises and all computers run the latest version of Windows 10. For email and collaboration, KCoder has migrated to Exchange Online. KCoder is concerned about recent Ransomware attacks and wants to protect the data while meeting regulatory rules. An external audit was performed and found the following items.

  • Exchange Online is using retention tags and retention policies.
  • Information Rights Management for SharePoint online is not used.
  • Data is not retained for SharePoint or OneDrive for Business

The CIO is asking to you have the following requirements in place to meet the regulatory compliance and internal security requirements.

  • All the retention policies must be the same across all the M365 workloads (Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive) and centralized.
  • Data stored in SharePoint must be encrypted even if the user does not encrypt the data.

How can you accomplish both tasks? Note: There are multiple ways of accomplishing this. There is no right or wrong answer, but you must provide justifications.


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