Current Issues in Nursing(group discussion)

Current Issues in Nursing(group discussion)

Current Issues in Nursing

Assignment Content

Meet with your Learning Team to select and discuss one of the following topics, or another topic approved by your instructor:


Euthanasia and assisted suicide

Take a position on the topic.**I am agree with it**

Find evidence to support your position.

Review your Learning Team members’ positions and evidence.

Comment on team members’ positions and evidence, agreeing with it or refuting it.

Explain why you agree or disagree with the stance and provide citations or evidence to support your opinion.

Write a 350-word summary of your stance and evidence.

Online students: Post your summary to the discussion area, and respond to at least one classmate’s post.

Submit your assignment as an APA formatted paper.

Requirements: minimum of 350 words

Answer preview:

word limit:436