CRS Plan Hospitality


For your Case Study, you selected a global hospitality or tourism company and reported on that company as it exists today and discussed the sort of CSR activities they are doing so far. For the CSR Plan, I want you to take a different approach; we are going to assume that you have been hired by that company and are expected to present to the boss what you believe should be changed or included in the next year’s CSR plan.

Case Study = what the company is and has done up to present day. You were reporting on the company as an outsider.

CSR Plan = what you believe that the company should do in CSR next year, based on what you know about the company’s mission, its past & current CSR strategy and what you’ve learned in this course. You are to write this as an insider and one that is expected to actively support the CSR effort within the company. (WHAT NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON)

You will see that you are going to be using some of your Case Study material as a foundation. Just shift the point of view to being internal, 1st person, vs. external 3rd person. Remember too that you don’t need to put a lot of things that your boss would already know.

Once again: Do not write this from scratch in a blank Word document; you must use the template as your guide and keep the same section headings. Do not change the formatting to different fonts or spacing. You will submit this in Word so if you use a Mac you will need to save it as Word.docx before submitting or I won’t be able to read it.

Requirements: Fill out sections in attached document

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