Critically analyse the Iranian Coup

Critically analyse the Iranian Coup

Critically analyse the Iranian Coup Imagine it is the eve of the Iranian Coup. Imagine also that you are a CIA agent and that you have been asked to give an intelligence report on the situation on the ground in Iran. You have been asked to make a case for or against American intervention in Iran. Should the United States actively remove Prime Minister Mossadegh from power?

You are privy to the information in All the Shah’s s Men. Use that information to make your arguments.

In your analysis, consider Iranian culture, history, and politics (especially its relations with foreign powers) over the centuries. What evidence is there that explains Mossadegh’s popularity? In other words, given Iranian history, culture and politics, why is he such a popular leader? What evidence suggests that his removal might bring trouble? What evidence suggest that keeping him in power might be beneficial to the United States?


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