Discuss how to apply the skills of critical thinking to lead the team effectively

Discuss how to apply the skills of critical thinking to lead the team effectively

Review the solutions (Part 2) that have been proposed by your classmates and team members (participative leadership) and analyze them to see which you think are most effective and identify any issues that may arise if some of them are implemented.

Think about the qualities of an effective team (Chapter 13). As you analyze the solutions think about how they can be applied to classroom teams (by the professor or by the students in the teams).

Critical Thinking Tips:

  • Consider the problems from all points of view; the instructor (boss/manager), the college (organization), the other team members (peers), even those who are struggling.
    • Example: What assumptions are made when a team member fails to contribute as you would like?
    • Example: What can the professor do to help? What can you do?
  • Deeply analyze; Compare examples of good and bad teams in your mind. Understand what led to good and bad outcomes.
    • Example: Do peer reviews work?
    • Example: Does fairness matter if the group works well and gets the desired result?
  • Synthesize; after reviewing the additional readings on this topic, try to comprehend the material instead of simply memorizing it. This allows you to apply concepts to new situations.
    • Example: Does team leadership matter for these types of teams?
    • Example: How can we adapt the concepts from the articles to this situation?

In your Post…

  1. Do any of these plans solve the problems that you feel are most important?
  2. List any problems that remain or that you feel will still need to be addressed.
  3. What new problems may occur under the the new plans?


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