Critical thinking about research in the field of biopsychology.

Critical thinking about research in the field of biopsychology.

Critical Thinking about Research

The purpose of this project is to give you an opportunity to apply your understanding of the issues and methods used in Biopsychology to a current study in the field of Biopsychology.

Your task is to find a research study published in a professional journal related to Biopsychology. You review should include the following sections:

  1. Summary of Article/ Research Report

Answer each question in complete sentences and with specific information obtained from the article. Background of Study

Identify the name of the journal the article was published in. Who is the journal written for? Is it directed to a particular type of psychologist (i.e. neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist etc.)

What is the study hypothesis:

– Cite the authors’ hypothesis (hint, look for a statement at the end of the introduction).

– Write the authors’ hypothesis in your own words.


Who were the participants and how were participants recruited?

Which of the methods described in the textbook were used in the study?

– For example is this an experimental or quasi-experimental study or is this an observational study? Were variables manipulated?

– What data collection methods were used (invasive techniques, EEG, surveys, interviews, questionnaires or direct observations….)?

Summarize in your own words the findings. Comment on the significance of the results.

Discussion/ Conclusions:

Describe in your own words the conclusions the authors’ reach based on their findings.

  1. Your Evaluation of the study/ report

What was most interesting and/or difficult? Do you agree with the researchers conclusions? Why or why not? Be specific and refer to methods etc. What are possible applications or future directions of this research?


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Critical Thinking about a Research