Critical Reflection Journals

 Critical Reflection Journals

    1. Select and include one image or video (nothing too raunchy, but you can consist of memes) that remind you or represent your entry’s theme. Then, explain how you think the image/video relates (in one or two sentences) at the end of your journal.
    2. You do not need a formal work cited page for these entries. Instead, use internal citations (page numbers in parentheses) when referring to class readings and provide a link to the image/video you selected.
    3. You must quote one of the readings from the unit, but you must have at least 600 words of your original thinking for full credit.
    4. You can use emoticons (if applicable) in your entries, but otherwise, check for grammar and spelling (no “lols”).
    5. finishing the resources and write the journal, do not use other materials.

In your entries, please share with me what…

  • you learned from this unit
  • you found most exciting and/or confusing about the content
  • you did well (it doesn’t have to be from class, just anything you’re proud of!)
  • challenges you faced or continue to face (if any; so, this is technically optional)
  • image or video relates to your entry

Requirements: 700-800words

Answer preview:

word limit:768