Comprehensive individual project of an alliance of your own choice; for-profit/not-for-profit, private or public alliances

 You may also choose to propose a possible alliance between two firms that you find to
have complementary resources and thus could benefit from collaboration.
 At least one company MUST be non-AUS based.
 Make sure you select an alliance (or two firms) that have ample literature available both
on the Internet as well as print sources.
 You will identify and focus on a specific alliance management issue, or a group of issues,
and develop consistent, coherent and feasible arguments for HOW and WHY this
collaboration will increase organizational effectiveness.
 You are expected to cover (at least) issues pertaining to (1) motivation, (2) alliance vs
other alternatives (acquisition or internal development) (3) partner selection and
management, (4) governance and structure, and (5) performance evaluation and exit
 Be sure to address issues of feasibility –that is how are you going to justify an
investment in an alliance. You should also discuss what alternatives exist to
collaboration and why these are not better than some form of collaboration.

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