Comparison of three Sites; Fox News, CNN, and NBC

Comparison of three Sites; Fox News, CNN, and NBC

Comparison of three Sites; Fox News, CNN, and NBC.The three sites Im choosing is Fox news,Cnn, NBC.Select at least three different websites or blogs to visit. Examine the sites thoroughly and evaluate them for authority, bias, and currency. Be sure to post the links of all three sites. Then answer the following question: which of the sites offers the best quality of information overall and why? Check out the “best” website posted by 3 of your classmates. Do you agree with your classmates’ evaluations of the quality of information on these websites? Please post a brief reply to confirm the evaluations and/or suggest reasons why you disagree with the evaluation of the site.

Part 2 is to respond back to the class mate response below. 2-4 sentences. Below is a classmate response you need to respond too

I chose to visit , and

When visiting Google you will find that the website is updated daily and if you are submitting a search, it will give you results based on relevancy and most updated information. I trust google to give me the most accurate results when doing any research. Amazon is a high traffic website with lots of advertisements and it caters to the needs of their consumers.Amazon tracks your spending or searches and it will display the items you look for or purchase frequently to make it easily accessible for purchase.You can buy items with just one click! . I found is more biased though I do enjoy their columns and stories. They lean to a more democratic audience, which at time can lead to biased articles and opinions.

Personally, Google offers more valuable and neutral information. It’s content is available for people with different ideas and mindsets. It remains neutral when it comes to current events and has recently added a shopping feature that allows you to shop directly through their website, while comparing prices of other vendors.This is a great selling feature.


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Comparison of three Sites; Fox News, CNN, and NBC