Explain the importance of comparative politics

Explain the importance of comparative politics

From the book Introducing Comparative Politics

Discussing 3-5 main points from the readings and your perspective on their importance in comparative politics. Highlight what you found interesting or important and why.

CPO Comparative Politics

Entry 1, Chapter 1: Introduction

Entry 2, Chapter 2: The Modern State

Entry 3, Chapter 4: States and Identity

Entry 4, Chapter 5: States and Markets

Entry 5, Chapter 6: Governing Institutions in Democracies

Entry 6, Chapter 7: Institutions of Participation and Representation in Democracies

Entry 7, Chapter 8: Authoritarian Institutions

Entry 8, Chapter 9: Regime Change

Entry 9, Chapter 10: Globalization, Economic Sovereignty and Development

Entry 10, Chapter 11: Public Policies when Markets Fail

Entry 11, Chapter 12: Policies and Politics


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