Communication Ethics: Moral Ownership

Communication Ethics: Moral Ownership

Think about the problem description from your final project and then complete this ethical organizational culture assessment. In your entry, answer the questions below. APA format.

1. Think about what might happen if you take moral ownership, that is, speak up (Hannah et al., 2011) about the moral problem that you have identified for your memo.In particular, Matt and Shahinpoor (2011) talk about consequences that employees may experience by saying something about a moral problem.What are the potential positive consequences?

2. What are the potential negative consequences?

3. Which positive or negative consequences are most likely to happen?

4. Which action as outlined by Kaptein (2010) do you think you would be most likely to take: inaction, confrontation, reporting to management, calling an ethics hotline, or external whistleblowing?Explain your choice, drawing from your scores for the various dimensions of the Corporate Ethical Virtues Model, among other things.

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word limit:300