What is the impact of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

What is the impact of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

  1. You are a member of the health team in rural community health. Mrs Johnson, who is the carer of her husband who has advanced COPD, is seeking strategies to reduce his anxiety.
  • Identify the scenario, provide a citation for the article and also provide the search terms and search parameters used to obtain the article .
  • Identify whether the article is reporting on a qualitative piece of research or a quantitative piece of research or mixed methods, or a systematic review.
    (NB please do not use discussion articles, literature reviews or protocol papers).
  • Read the article and then summarise your own views/critique of the article. Identify why you chose the article and why it will be a valuable and reliable source of evidence. Use the literature on critiquing research article to support your ideas.
    Ensure in your answer that you cover the following points:

    • Is it trustworthy? Can you believe it?
    • What impact does it have? Is it clinically important?
  • Attach the article as a separate document.
  • Now evaluate the article using an appropriate CASP Tool (see learning modules for CASP information resources and Chapter 12 in the text)for the type of article that you choose(Hint: as well as a brief overview of how your article does or does not meet the relevant CASP criteria you should in your discussion address each of the CASP criteria/heading/points).

Part B: Knowledge translation

Discuss how evidence can be applied in the clinical context with particular reference to the article that you have found. Your discussion should also include how application of evidence into practice be evaluated with reference specifically to the evidence you have found


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