1. Identify and explain the basic tenet of Christianity that you find most distinctive, meaning the one that is most disimilar to the religious beliefs and practices of the other religious traditions we have studied. [The three basic tenets are Incarnation, Atonement, and the Trinity]

Be sure to:

  • Discuss the major ideas that characterize this tenet
  • Explain why it distinctive, providing examples of the ways it is disimilar to other traditions

2. Then, consider the beliefs or concepts in the other religious traditions we have studied that most resemble, or are similar in some way, to this tenet.

  • Be sure to:
    • Discuss the major ideas that characterize these similar beliefs or concepts
    • Explain why it is similar or resembles the tenet you discuss, providing examples of the ways it is similar to the beliefs or concepts of the other religious tradition(s).
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Various religions have different tenets which are mainly based on the religious traditions. Christianity, for instance have various tenets but the most outstanding one is the Trinity. Trinity is a teaching that asserts that God is in three, namely the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (Kärkkäinen, 2017). Christians believe that there exists a single God but He is exemplified in three ways. There is a belief that the three entities cannot be separated from one another as there is just God. Majority of the Christians believe that God made an appearance as the Father in the Old Testament

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