Definition of Partner Violence

Definition of Partner Violence Topic: Partner Violence The research paper must have a minimum of 2000 words – main body (does not include the title page, abstract, or reference pages). Times New Roman, Size 12, and 5 references about that topic (4 of them most be research articles). The criteria exposed in your paperwork must be … Read more

Hospitality and Current Issues

Hospitality and Current Issues I came across this story 2 years ago, and loved what happened next last summer. (Links toan external site.) Read the article, (and there's a short video clip as well), and respond to the following:1. Of all the topics we have discussed in class so far, which do you think this … Read more

Final Project on humanities.

Final Project on humanities. YOUR TASK: Look back over the reading and supplemental materials we have studied this semester, as well as what you have learned from your classmates in our discussions, and what you have learned in class lectures or other outside reading you may have done. For your final project: Articulate what you … Read more

Discussion on Race and Ethnicity: the case of Miami

Discussion on Race and Ethnicity: the case of Miami Race & Ethnicity: the case of Miami One of the most sociologically significant aspects of Miami is its diversity. Whereas the Anglo/”white” population of the US is considered the dominant group culturally and in terms of political power, do you believe that Miami is any different … Read more

A Family Tree for Humanity

A Family Tree for Humanity You will have to do the following for points: Give me a summary of what was discussed. (1 page) Tell me how it relates to the class. It will be worth 3 points. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)… (Links to an external site.) the class … Read more

Reading Annotations-So you want to talk about race

Reading Annotations-So you want to talk about race Reading Annotations (Choose Your Own Adventure) Optional Step 1: If you need to watch the following video to refresh yourself on how to annotate your chosen text, particularly concerning fiction. STEP 2: Look at the reading schedule you turned in Week 4: Create & Submit a Reading … Read more

The European and Northern Renaissance

The European and Northern Renaissance Choose one question from Section 1 on the European Renaissance and one question from Section 2 on the Northern Renaissance. Post your ideas by Thursday. If you come to the discussion after there are postings, try to answer a question that has not already been answered. Respond to two students … Read more

Political Borders Assignment.

Political Borders Assignment. Click on the attached document for instructions on how to complete the assignment for political geography. The assignment invites you to consider all the concepts learned in the course up to this point, and how we can continue connecting these components together. Answer preview: word limit:605

Explain The Concept of the Status Quo

Explain The Concept of the Status Quo SIM – Status Quo is an Assignment where you explore the concept of the status quo, define keepers and changers of the status quo, and analyze how dimensions can be used to theoretically explain the status quo. The Concept of the Status Quo Any simulation centers on the … Read more

Reflection: The white Privileges’

Reflection: The white Privileges’ What is White Privilege? Peggy McIntosh first identified the concept of White Privilege in the 1970s. She noted, “As a white person, I realized I had been taught about racism as something that puts others at a disadvantage, but had been taught not to see white privilege, which puts me at … Read more