Carbohydrate/Lipid Peer-Review Literature Discussion

Carbohydrate/Lipid Peer-Review Literature Discussion

Take a look at the peer reviewed literature and choose a peer-reviewed journal article about one of the following topics of your interest:

1. Lipid consumption and heart disease or health (Omega 3s, etc.)

2. Carbohydrate consumption and it’s relationship to fiber and gut health (feeding bacteria, glycemic index, etc.).

Please note: if you discover a related topic in your review of the literature that you would rather present, please feel free to do so!

Please review the paper and post a discussion to the group. You should post either a link to the paper or a copy of the paper in your post. The paper that you choose should be no more than 10 years old.

Your write-up should consist of 5 separate paragraphs. In the first paragraph, summarize the findings of the paper. Then address each of the following questions:

  1. Write a paragraph discussing this question: “Were you surprised by the findings in the paper?”
  2. Write a paragraph discussing what you found most interesting in the article?
  3. Write a paragraph the describes a topic presented in this article you would like to evaluate further and why.

Finish your write-up with a paragraph that summarizes your presentation and thoughts.

For full credit please include:

1.An introductory paragraph summarizing the topic and findings of the paper. Be sure to include any interesting points presented in the introduction that were addressed in the conclusion or discussion of the paper.

  1. A separate paragraph to answer each of the questions posed above.

3. A summary paragraph that ties your review together for the reader.’

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Carbohydrate/Lipid Peer-Review Literature Discussion

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