Business Ethics

In 400-500 words, please share a time in your professional life where you observed an unethical situation. What were your thoughts and opinions on this ethical issue?

This assignment is a personal narrative and does not require any outside sources and should be written entirely in your own words.

just to let you know, my profession is a studio engineer (producer).


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In the business arena there exist a number of unethical situations which affect the operations of the business. In my profession as a studio engineer, I have experienced a number of unethical issues. It is a requirement for all business operations to ensure that they handle all the business activities in adherence to the ethical matters. Ethics is a key issue especially in regards to business success and positive business image to the public. The paper discusses into details an unethical situation in my professional life in the company I worked for earlier this year providing my thoughts and opinions on the matter.

In studio production, it is a responsibility of the producers to cater for all the production costs involved in production by an artist that they represent and share the profits accrued as per the terms of agreement.