Buddhism Discussion.

Buddhism Discussion.

Please choose ONE of the THREE discussion questions below and answer the prompt. You will also need to respond to at least 2 other classmates for full credit.

Indigenous Religions:

One of the most important elements of Indigenous Religions is the respect for the natural world. Discuss the importance of such terms as “animism” or “holistic” in terms of these religious worldviews. How may these religions help us understand our relation to the natural world and to address environmental issues.


There is no “official” dogma in Hinduism but, instead, many paths to the truth (called yogas). What are the advantages or disadvantages to this worldview? What path (or yoga) do you think would make more sense to you (Hatha, Bhakti, Karma, Raja, or Jnanna)?

Buddhism Part 1:

The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths are sometimes seen as religious, sometimes philosophical, and sometimes psychological. Review the Four Noble Truths. How could these Four Noble Truths apply to someone’s life (maybe even your own). Do you think these Truths are religious, philosophical or psychological?

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