Based on your observations of the environment at the school, discuss the following

Based on your observations of the environment at the school, discuss the following

1. Overall, do you think the plan was successfully implemented?
2. Pick one of the four goals. Was the goal achieved?
3. If you were writing the next five year plan for technology at the school, name one goal that
you would include in the plan

1- After reading the article. In my opinion, the plan was successful because the school
realizes many organizations started to issues utilize technology to gain a competitive
advantage. This reaction makes the school put this a plan to keep students and market share. I
think through set up create online learning system by using Blackboard made the school in a
good position for students and professors and on par with many schools that provide many
options to their students. especially the system not complicated and not need clarification.

2- Since we are living in a pandemic and all our learning by online. I'll be choosing teaching
by online the goal achieved. There were teaching and learning online before the pandemic but,
now became mandatory because of the pandemic and allows students to continue their
learning. I think after our experience it's a good option for people that not have time to study in
person. In addition, a student can contact their professors and see models, homework, grades,
zoom class, and others options.

3- Although the school doing a great job through transferring all classes to online mode
by using the Zoom platform, it will be useful if the school establishes a particular platform that
serves just school students for online classes and adds more options such as…….
This platform will solve any problems that students faced when they have used the Zoom
platform or may set fees from the app in the future. In addition, avoid issues problems that
maybe happen in the zoom system and the school can't do a thing to fix because it out of terms
of reference.

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