Assessment and Treatment for Child Maltreatment.

Assessment and Treatment for Child Maltreatment.

Question 1: For abused children, describe two limitations of the current DSM system and discuss what would improve the culture of our diagnostic system?

Question 2: Describe an intervention from the neurosequential model of therapeutics and discuss HOW the intervention might relate to Hughes’ DDT model with parents and children.

Required Reading

(ATTACHED) Hughes, D. (2017). Dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP): An attachment focused family treatment for developmental trauma. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy 38(4): 595-605. Retrieved from EbscoHost multisearch.

Ryan, K., Lane, S. J., & Powers, D. (2017). A multidisciplinary model for treating complex trauma in early childhood. International Journal of Play Therapy, 26(2), 111-123. doi:10.1037

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