Art work Analysis  by historian Gwendolyn DuBois on African American art by Sargent Johnson in the twentieth century

Art work Analysis  by historian Gwendolyn DuBois on African American art by Sargent Johnson in the twentieth century

Your final paper should be a 4-5 page analytical essay analyzing an artwork related to the essay you read and lecture you watched ( I will provide the essay and the lecture, I also have the essays paper writing about these). which reflects your evolving ideas about your topic, with a logical organizational structure and careful grammar.

Your task is to analyze an artwork in light of what you have learned about it by:

  • reading what has been written about the artist and their historical/cultural context
  • listening to a lecture on your artist
  • carefully observing the artwork and reflecting on it

Please organize your essay around a core idea or thesis statement which you set out to prove using evidence from the readings and your own visual analysis of the artwork. Your essay should be organized logically into paragraphs. Each paragraph should also be organized with a topic sentence and evidence that relates to the topic sentence.

Your essay should have an introduction that introduces the reader to your topic and states your thesis statement within the first two paragraphs. The introduction may be followed by a background paragraph (optional) that covers relevant historical, biographical information or a visual analysis of the artwork which the reader needs to know before they proceed to read the paragraphs that prove the thesis. This should be followed by at least three body paragraphs which provide evidence that proves your thesis statement. Finally, use a concluding paragraph to sum up and reinforce your thesis statement, and possibly deepen its significance now that your reader has all of the information. Don’t forget to give your essay an interesting title that is both descriptive of the topic and piques the reader’s interest.

  • Papers must be 4-6 double-spaced pages
  • Times New Roman, 12pt font
  • one-inch margins all around
  • a standard first page header, and subsequent headers including your last name and page number for each page.
  • Include an interesting title (beyond “Analysis Paper”).
  • Cite all outside sources in both your footnotes and a Bibliography.
  • You must site at least two scholarly peer-reviewed source in your paper
  • Citations must conform to the footnotes or in-text format of the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed.
  • Include all relevant illustrations (your researched artwork and any other artworks you describe in your paper) with proper attribution. (For example: “Figure 1. Title, by Artist Name, Year.”)

You are asked to perform research related to your chosen artwork that results in an original sustained argument about the object’s significance in relation to your topic. To date, you have completed a number of research steps to help you develop the literacy necessary to fulfill this assignment’s objectives, and to engage in scholarly analysis within future art history courses. Your final paper should cite the article you read for your Reading Response Paper.

Source and Citation:

  • If you choose to integrate additional sources, your focus should be upon the quality and appropriateness of your sources, following the guidelines offered during the research process.
  • You must reference the scholarly peer-reviewed source you read in your research paper.
  • Following the Chicago documentation guidelines, properly cite all sources—internally and externally—including not only quotes, but paraphrases of ideas and research that is not your own.

These are the Lecture and Essay, so you can get information from them.

This is the Lecture on youtube, the reading is attached in file along with 2 essays I have done for both Lecture and Reading.


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