Appropriate use of force – officer shooting

Appropriate use of force – officer shooting


Laurence Miller in his article, “Officer-Involved Shooting: Reaction Patterns, Response Protocols”, states that available data indicate that about 600 criminals are killed each year by police officers in the United States. Some of these killings are in self-defense, some are accidental, and others are to prevent harm to others. For your final project, you will write an essay analyzing a recent news event related to an officer-involved death. Do some research to find news clips and/or news articles or reports of investigations into a recent officer shooting.


Once you select a recent officer shooting, elaborate on the following:

  • Was there appropriate use of force? What kind of facts do we need to learn to answer that question?
  • Was this justified? Use evidence and knowledge acquired throughout the course to support your position.
  • APA format
  • 3-4 pages

Requirements: 3-4

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word limit:1005