Discuss and correctly answer in details the questions given

Discuss and correctly answer in details the questions given

1)Please answer the following:

  1. How did you assess on the Listening Skills Survey? How did you feel about your score? Are your listening skills where you want them to be? Why or why not?
  2. What are some things you are going to try to increase your listening skills (based on the material you learned this week)? How are you going to do this? Be specific with an action plan.
  3. What are some body language tips you are going to remember after this class has ended?

2) Find 3 different magazine/news articles, print advertisements, blogs, etc. online. (None should be intended for a “general audience.”)

  1. Copy/paste the URL link to the example or a photo/screenshot of it
  2. Summarize the article/advertisement/blog
  3. Who is the audience the article/advertisement is intended for? Cite all the evidence in the article that points to this. Defend your analysis.

3)Comment on one or more of the videos posted in this week’s video thread.


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Question 1:

Different styles and strategies are useful in developing the elements of listening. Listening is based on the practice of paying attention to a speaker with the intent of understanding the statements shared. The audience has the mandate of showing attentiveness to the speaker as a way of improving the aspects of gaining knowledge. For instance, students are required to portray attention and clarification when the teacher is sharing educational information