Answer the following questions on Foundations of Communication Studies.

Answer the following questions on Foundations of Communication Studies.

  • Read J. Jeffery Auer, “Pride in Our Past–Faith in Our Future” and John Durham Peters, “Sweet Lemons” and answer the following questions:

    1. According to Auer, what are the essential events to understand in the founding of the academic discipline that evolved from Speech, to Speech Communication, and finally to Communication Studies in 2021?

    2. Based on Auer’s essay, what characteristics do you find closely link with you own coursework in Communication Studies; what charactecteristics seem outdated and/or minimized in your coursework? Be sure to use specific examples to support your claims.

    3. What does Peters mean by Communication Studies being at the margins in academe? Does this reflect your own experiences as a CST major? What is the major takeway for you after reading this article?

    4. Comparie and contrast the essays by Auer and Peters. What do they seem to agree with in regard to the value and function of Communication Studies as an academic discipline? Are there areas of disagreement between the two? Be specific and use examples from the readings to support your claims.

    Your answers hold be in the range of 250 to 350 words for each questions

Requirements: 250 words each answer   |   .doc file

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