Answer questions on critical thinking

Answer questions on critical thinking

Answer questions on critical thinking. Demonstrate ability to implement critical thinking in the following situation:“Some politicians make a lot of noise about how Canadians and others pay much less for prescription medicines than Americans do. Those who are constantly pointing to the prices and the practices of other nations when it comes to pharmaceutical medicines ignore the fact that those other nations lag far behind the United States when it comes to creating new medicines. Canada, Germany, and other countries get the benefits of American research but contribute much less than the United States does to the creation of medicines. On the surface, these countries have a good deal, but in reality everyone is worse off, because the development of new medicines is slower than it would be if worldwide prices were high enough to cover research costs.”

You are required to critically analyze the above passage with relevant details and logical reasons to:

  1. Define the issue clearly and state your position on the issue
  2. Give two suitable arguments in support of your position
  3. Implement full truth tables for the claim variables P, Q and R to determine if  the Conclusion following the arguments is valid or not.


~ (P ∨ Q)


R → P




P & (~Q → ~P)


R → ~Q




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Answer question on critical thinking