Annotated bibliography on importance of education to learners

Annotated bibliography on importance of education to learners

You are required to provide a tentative thesis and compile an annotated bibliography on one (or more) of the works we are studying in this course. This will be helpful and is the first step towards writing your course paper that is due at the end of this semester.

This bibliography will contain a minimum of FIVE entries. All five must be secondary sources (i.e., if you plan on writing about the Ramayana, The Ramayana cannot be one of the items on the bibliography as it is a primary source). You should have studied Annotated Bibliographies in your 1101/1102 classes. If you need to refresh your memory, please visit @ (Links to an external site.)

Please look at the sample bibliography given @ Annotated Bibliography Samples // Purdue Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)

First of all, provide your tentative thesis (this should not be more than ONE or TWO sentences). Cite your source according to the MLA documentation style (alphabetically). Then, for each annotation, you should include the following three steps:

1. A brief summary of the source you are using
2. The author’s main thesis (explicit or implicit) in your own words
3. Your plan for how this source will be used in your paper or the reason for rejecting it

The specific work secondary work you use must be a SCHOLARLY source which must be a book, essay in a book, or a journal article. Since there are literally thousands of sources for each of these texts, you need to devise a way to focus your research, preferably in a way that reflects this course’s emphasis on these figures.

You are NOT allowed to use block quotations in this assignment.

You will begin your assignment with your tentative thesis statement (your claim).
No doubt, I will grade this assignment with a critical eye because the end result of this task will demonstrate your ability to conduct academic research (and your capacity to score a good grade!). Remember to read critically and engage with your sources. Both scholars whose work you find informative and useful and critics you disagree with can help you to sharpen and refine your own line of thought. Good luck!

Requirements: MLA | Research Paper | 6 pages, Single spaced

You can choose the topic at will, but it would be better if it is a famous one

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