Analyzing an art: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II

Analyzing an art: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II

In 1972 the artist Wadsworth Jarrell created an artwork called Revolutionary due to some race riots in Chicago in 1964. This work is a screen print on paper, and its dimensions are 34×26.5”. The picture is currently located at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. Attached is a link to the image.

One value that I attribute to this artwork is a cultural value. That is due to the purpose and meaning of the painting. The Revolutionary has an impact on African American culture since it promotes black pride. This image shows the power of the African American culture, and also portrays their anger with the events that occurred in Chicago. Many people also place a political value on this picture. They believe the government has to interfere in situations like the racial riot in Chicago and protect African Americans. This picture portrays the political activist Angela Davis, who is fighting for black people’s rights.

Art can be demonstrated either in its traditional forms or in alternative processes. These processes include installationearthworks, and performance. The alternative method that I found the most interesting was the installation. This process differs from traditional media because it is often represented by a whole “environment” instead of an individual sculpture or painting. A great example of this process is an Untitled artwork by Tara Donovan. I like these alternative forms of art, such as installation, because it makes the viewer see the art from a different “angle”. The installation, for example, allows the viewer to feel as if he’s inside that artwork.

After looking through artwork from our course material and debating whether some of them should be considered artwork, I have come to a conclusion. These pieces should all be accepted as artwork because the artist had a purpose or idea that he or she wanted to put forth when creating each of them. That’s why I don’t have trouble understanding or accepting any of them as art. The incredible thing about art is that you can see a single artwork from many different perspectives. There’s no right or wrong on your analysis.

An artwork that I found inspiring is Wish Tree for Liverpool by Yoko Ono. I found it inspiring because it has influenced many people around the world to replicate that sculpture by hanging their wishes on a tree. It also keeps reinforcing this old Japanese tradition and spreading it all over the world.

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