Analyse The History of France From 1789 to 1945

Analyse The History of France From 1789 to 1945

In the course we are looking at European history from 1789 to 1945 through the lens of the question of nationalism (how it is defined, how accurate those definitions are, how well those definitions explain historical events, and what other frameworks, such as class, compete with the national frame). Each of you is further narrowing this focus by looking particularly at one nation. Through this chosen case study you are applying the course generalizations to a specific place and examining its applicability and value to explain your chosen nation’s historical experience.

Often history uses a close examination on a particular focus to reach larger, more general conclusions. Over the course of the semester, you need to choose two of the following more specific focuses and apply them to your chosen nation and the course. Similar to the Film Review, an underlying idea in each of these papers might be does this approach better elucidate my chosen nation’s historical experience or not.

The history of your chosen nation through conflict. This may be a war, a battle, an economic, social or political transformation. You define the conflict and examine it as a lens to the historical experience of your chosen nation.

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