Write about how a public event

Write about how a public event

Remembering an Event

Personal narrative is a form of literary nonfiction wherein writers use story, description, and reflection to discover both the autobiographical and wider cultural significances of life events. It’s a way of making sense of ourselves and the world.

Write about how a public event, like a celebrity death or marriage, an act of heroism or charity, or even the passage of a law helped (or forced) you to confront an aspect of your identity. Consider the complexities of your reaction—the significance the event had for you at the time and the significance the event has for you now. You might make a list of physical traits, as well as beliefs about or aspects of your sense of identity that changed as a result of the event.
Your personal narrative must:
• Develop a main point through the use of storytelling (narrative action, vivid descriptions, dialogue) and reflection. (Compare your current perspective with your past perspective.)


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Remembering an event