A comprehensive research on Learning Evaluation

A comprehensive research on Learning Evaluation

  • 750+ words
  • 3 Concepts or Ideas you have learned about writing, conducting research, or advocating in this course
  • Provide a concrete example for each from your writing and experiences
  • Offer a brief introduction, 3 ideas or concepts you learned with specific examples, and a brief conclusion
  • Works Cited page included (if sources are used)

Our goal here is to focus on your unique experiences and individual learning. By reflecting on this most important information, it should be clearer to you what you have gained from the class and reinforce those ideas so they stay with you longer.

Since our class has focused on writing and rhetoric, conducting research, and advocating for a cause or idea, you should try to focus on these concepts when reflecting.

You are welcome to, and in fact encouraged, to take a look at the reflections you finished after each unit in our class to get some additional ideas. You are also encouraged to think about how you can link these ideas to your major or future career plans.

The most important thing here is to be original and specific. Focus on YOUR experiences, not those of your classmates. Then consider how you can best illustrate that learning with examples from your projects or activities.

You might choose to use some quotes or data from our readings or class activities as well. If you do so, make sure to cite them properly and include them on your Works Cited page.

However, you should not spend the majority of your essay talking about writing in general or the world at large. Think about this project as a way to highlight and reinforce your own learning in the class.

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word limit:950