Write a case memo

Write a case memo

You should read the case attached with this assignment carefully, identify the major players and issues in the case, apply the concept and theories that you have learned in the classroom to analyze the case, and reflect on your relevant experience. John Foran at the University of California at Santa Barbara provides a very good guideline on how to prepare for case discussion (http://www.soc.ucsb.edu/projects/casemethod/teaching.html). Here is an excerpt from his guideline: “

Try first to get a quick sense of the whole case. What can you learn from the title, headings, and outline? What do the introduction and conclusion (if present) reveal about the problem?
If this is a case requiring a decision, who is the key decision maker? What decision does s/he have to make? What are the objectives of the decision maker? What other actors are there in the case? What are their objectives?
At this point, it might be helpful to reread the case carefully, underlining or highlighting key facts.
Try to identify the key problems on a piece of paper. Then go through the case again, sorting out the relevant information for each problem. What are the resources and constraints associated with each problem?
What are the possible courses of action for the decision maker? Endeavor to identify and rank alternative policies. What are the likely short and long term consequences of the policies that you have identified? “
Follow these steps for your case preparation so that you will have a good sense about the case and be able to participate fully in the analysis..

Case memo assignment

You should make your argument rational and persuasive. You should also support your assertions with evidence. A good start point is to think carefully the questions raised at the end of the case description.

Use these guidelines to present your memo:


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